Modern Warfare 2 leak claims Ghost-focused campaign is in development

Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 in black and white and in green
Credit: Activision

Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 in black and white and in green
Credit: Activision

Simon “Ghost” Riley is one of the most recognisable characters from the Call of Duty franchise. First appearing in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, the masked mercenary has shot into the limelight in 2022’s reboot.

Throughout the single-player campaign, Ghost’s no-nonsense attitude and attempts at banter give the character another layer of personality, sparking plenty of intrigue from within the community.

With more interest in Ghost than ever before, a recent leak claims Infinity Ward is developing a new campaign that takes a deep dive into the backstory of a Call of Duty legend.

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost campaign

In a WhatIfGaming report from notable leaker RalphsValve, The Modern Warfare developers plan on releasing another single-player story as part of the game’s second year of content in addition to a heavily-rumoured multiplayer map pack containing several battlegrounds from previous titles.

The concept of a Ghost spin-off isn’t a surprising one. In an IGN interview prior to the release of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward head writer Brian Bloom said a closer look at the character “would be something the audience would love, and we would love to get into.”

In comparison to other members of Task Force 141, very little is known about Ghost other than his enigmatic mask. Despite this, the character has struck a chord with the community and a closer look at how he joined forces with Price and Soap is one that’s bound to prove extremely popular.

Instead of a new title launching in 2023, Modern Warfare 2 is rumoured to receive major content updates for multiplayer and the campaign so there’s a high possibility of a Ghost-focused story arriving towards the end of next year.

As always, it’s important to take leaks with a pinch of salt until Infinity Ward decides to share more information. However, RalpshValve has an impressive track record of leaking accurate information so there’s a chance there is substance behind this recent discovery.

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