Modern Warfare 2 players blast Dead Silence audio cue

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun and Ghost
Credit: Activision

Following the Modern Warfare 2 beta, the community continues to share its feedback on Infinity Ward’s latest title. While improved map design and impressive gunplay are a few positives to take from the early multiplayer build, players are focusing on areas that need improving.

A fast time to kill (TTK) frustrated many dropping into the action in addition to loud footstep audio that benefitted those that prefer to sit in a corner and listen out for any incoming opposition.

The Dead Silence field upgrade provides a temporary counter to the loud footsteps. However, players using it notice an audio cue nearby enemies can hear when they decide to use it.

Why does Dead Silence have an audio cue?

Infinity Ward hasn’t revealed the exact reason why the field upgrade plays a sound when players use it.

Still, it hasn’t stopped plenty of players from wondering why the developer has included another unnecessary feature.

Alongside the noise that plays when players are looking for some additional stealth, some players claim you can still hear the footsteps of players when they’re using Tactical Sprint simultaneously. This means Dead Silence is only silent in specific scenarios.

One player claims Modern Warfare 2 is “catered for low-skill players” due to the changes made to multiplayer. “With the dead movement and such fast TTK, there’s no escape of chance if you started getting shot first.”

With Infinity Ward searching for feedback following the two beta weekends, there’s always a chance the developer removes the Dead Silence audio cue for the full game that launches on October 28. Considering how it responded to red dots no longer appearing on the mini-map, there’s a high possibility of the sound remaining in the game. Let’s hope Infinity Ward listens to the feedback and makes appropriate changes.

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