Modern Warfare 2 game mode features classic minimap and players are furious

A Modern Warfare 2 soldier next to the minimap
Credit: Activision

A Modern Warfare 2 soldier next to the minimap
Credit: Activision

Recent Call of Duty titles has seen a significant change in the function of the minimap. Instead of revealing red dots when players fire an unsuppressed weapon, they appear at all times even with a silencer equipped.

Since the launch of Modern Warfare 2, fans continue to ask Infinity Ward to return to the old system in a bid to improve gameplay but the developer is sticking to its guns for now. As attention turns towards Season Two Reloaded, the classic minimap has made a surprise return.

Following the addition of the hugely popular Gun Game mode, the old minimap system is back but many are wondering why it’s not available across the rest of multiplayer.

Where is the classic Modern Warfare 2 minimap?

Spotted by Reddit user Mathiasxd148, the Gun Game minimap reveals the red dots of the opposition as soon as a weapon is fired.

As expected, the community isn’t happy with the discovery. “Why is Infinity Ward punishing players for firing their guns?” questions one fan. Aside from Gun Game, the red dots usually appear on the compass at the top of the head-up display, almost rendering the minimap useless.

While some believe that the inclusion of the classic minimap is a deliberate move, others think that Infinity Ward has added it into multiplayer accidentally. “Knowing Infinity Ward, that’s unintended and will be patched,” jokes another player.

The exact reason for adding a fully-functioning minimap to Gun Game remains a mystery. Perhaps it’s a test to see if players prefer it instead of the current system. One thing that’s a certainty is that competitive fans are desperate for it to arrive in the Call of Duty League ruleset. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to see if the developer listens to player feedback.

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