Modern Warfare 2 cheat reporting is 'useless' according to players

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Credit: Activision

There’s nothing more frustrating than encountering a cheater in Modern Warfare 2. Despite recent improvements to Ricochet anti-cheat, hackers continue to slip through the net and gain an unfair advantage over the rest of the lobby.

With Season 3 Reloaded moving into view, hackers are still ruining ranked play and when fans aren’t battling with cheaters, a bug is causing the front half of their guns to vanish much to their annoyance.

Modern Warfare 2 features a reporting system to ban hackers but several fans claim the current is ‘useless’ and struggles to deliver bans.

Is Modern Warfare 2 cheat reporting useless?

According to Reddit user_hdjuarez, the current method of reporting cheaters fails to capture those but the same system is extremely quick to punish innocent players through wrongful voice and text chat reports.

“I love how I get my voice and text chat disabled because some random dude gets mad and reports me, but cheaters get mass reported every game and still continue to cheat,” says the frustrated fan.

Other players agree with the current system struggling to stop hackers from ruining matches. “They’re both absolute s**t,” replies another fan growing tired of the current system.

False reporting continues to frustrate innocent players that are receiving bans for doing nothing wrong. Despite the anti-cheat getting better, the reporting system is prioritising wrongful bans instead of stopping those breaching the Call of Duty code of conduct.

There’s every chance the Season 3 Reloaded update addresses the issues with the Modern Warfare 2 reporting system. The sooner it stops banning players that have simply outgunned their opposition and catches the real culprits, Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is bound to improve which is something everyone wants.

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