Minecraft: Ray-Tracing For Windows 10 Users Is Now Live!

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Although Minecraft is one of the least graphic extensive games out there, players are constantly trying to improve on that.

It's not that the pixelated look is an issue, that's the essence of Minecraft!


It's more so that some users just want a little more quality!

Here's where ray-tracing comes in. Players can stay true to the blocky Minecraft graphics, this time with beautiful lighting.

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Minecraft Ray-Tracing

Ray-tracing has been available to players for a while, though it was in beta form.


The only way to access it would be through the Xbox Insider Hub and Microsoft's Xbox Insider Program.

Well, now we can all try it out! By all, I mean all Windows 10 users.

To get your hands on Minecraft with tray-tracing you'll have to buy the latest version of Minecraft for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store if you don't have it already.

It can also be accessed via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. 


If you have an Nvidia RTX graphics card you'll be one of the lucky ones to get to experience enhanced visuals and ray-tracing.

Ray tracing will be turned on by default.

Nvidia says these new additions will allow players to "... build incredible scenes with lighting, shadows and effects running at previously-unseen levels of detail and accuracy..."

Nvidia has even teamed up with creators to make 15 free ray-traced worlds.


You can find them in the Minecraft Marketplace in-game, they will give players unique textures, designs and gameplay.

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