Mass Effect Director Casey Hudson Opened A New Studio

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Many people are familiar with Casey Hudson as a creator of Mass Effect. Many other senior BioWare staff left the company last year, which made Casey's departure particularly painful. BioWare is not obvious to blame for the exits, but many employees left the studio when Dragon Age 4 was announced.

A question arose about whether Casey Hudson would be in charge of the sequel to Mass Effect, but that was answered after Casey left. Also, around the same time as Casey, Dragon Age 4 Executive Producer Mark Darrah left the company. The announcement that Casey will open a new studio begs the question, how long has all of this been planned?


A New Studio Has Been Opened By Mass Effect Director Casey Hudson

Last year, Casey Hudson stepped down as General Manager of BioWare. Hudson's work on Mass Effect fans wondered where he would end up, and he's now confirmed that he is opening a new studio. In a recent tweet, Hudson revealed that he and some colleagues are building a new development studio called Humanoid Studios. Mark Darrah, the executive producer who left the company simultaneously, is not known to be one of these colleagues at this time.

For those who don't know how important Casey Hudson was to BioWare:


It is hard to tell from the official studio website, but it appears Casey Hudson is looking for a team that has a fusion of excellence in the arts and a commitment to innovation. There is mention of applying "advanced sciences," which will assist Humanoid Studios in creating interactive new IP. Hudson will most likely draw on some of his experience at BioWare with his new studio, as the company innovated significantly with interactive RPGs.

Mark Darrah may join his former colleague, Casey Hudson, at Humanoid Studios, even if he hasn't confirmed it yet. In his Twitter post, Hudson explicitly mentions colleagues so that some familiar faces might be on board. Humanoid Studios will likely take some time before it announces its first IP, given that the studio is just getting started.

The new studio is currently seeking applications for 3D artists, level designers, senior gameplay programmers, senior gameplay designers, a creative director, and an environment artist. Some of the studios' listed roles might already be filled, despite the number of listings on their website. Humanoid Studios' developers will also enjoy creative freedom, which is more common at the independent level of game development.

The tweet that changed the world:


The former Mass Effect director can only discuss minor details about the new studio, but his announcement is enthusiastic. Leaving BioWare last year caused quite a stir, so it's evident that Hudson had found a new project to work on. While Casey Hudson was with BioWare at the time of the Dragon Age 4 announcement, he didn't work on it; instead, he helped complete Anthem.
The gaming industry already has a colossal IP known as Mass Effect, thanks to Casey Hudson, and we are curious to know what he will bring next.