Dragon Age should get a remastered trilogy just like Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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In the past, BioWare was regarded as being the best RPG company, if not on the same level as Bethesda. The remake of Mass Effect made sense for old-school players, and it showcased the beloved series for younger gamers. The same thing is valid for a series that was started around the same time and will also release a new game soon.

Dragon Age is gearing up to release its fourth entry, but it's hard to imagine a younger generation knowing what the series is. Dragon Age 2 (March 2011) and Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014) shows how dated the series has gotten. Dragon Age is almost as old as Mass Effect, which attracted the same fan base. As with Mass Effect, a Dragon Age remake would make sense.


The appeal of Dragon Age

Dragon Age had a darker plot, similar to Game of Thrones. It could still hold up today, and its sequel's lighter tone could even captivate a new audience. The final entry in the series sold the most copies since more players fell in love with its characters, some of whom appeared in the first game.

Dragon Age's choice system has far more consequences than Mass Effect's choices ever did. There are choices in Mass Effect, but none that directly affect gameplay and features like Dragon Age's do. In a moment of panic, players were forced to choose between annihilating villages they visited themselves or losing powerful allies and new friends.


There are arguably the most difficult choices in the final installment of this series. Some fans feel it was the best entry in the series and has the most significant impact. I personally thought it was the most cinematic, and the ending was more satisfying than Mass Effect 3.

The Dragon Age storyline is buried in DLCs and expansions

Dragon Age's complete storyline cost players a pretty penny to get their hands on. This was when it was becoming more common for players to purchase expansions and DLC to receive the whole story. In fact, the true ending to all three games is found in their DLCs, such as Dragon Age: Origins' Witch Hunt, Dragon Age 2's Legacy, and Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trespasser.

After some time, fan backlash led to DLCs containing story points disappearing from games. Yet, this means players who want to experience the full story of Dragon Age must purchase all the DLC. A remaster would allow players to play and catch up to the fourth entry.


Why players can't just buy the ultimate editions of Dragon Age games

Dragon Age has aged (ha!) considerably. The limitations and appeal of the time plague Dragon Age: Origins just like the original Mass Effect. Although the turn-based fighting system was changed and revamped throughout the games, it is still unappealing. Even Dragon Age: Inquisition's fighting system is outdated compared to what is common today.

BioWare should remake the Dragon Age trilogy with new fighting systems and graphics. BioWare made all three games with different engines, so a complete remake of all three games is necessary. In my opinion, it's well worth the investment to remaster this beloved series using the Unreal Engine.