Marvel's Avengers: Gear And Customisation Details

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After a sizeable delay, Marvel's Avengers is due to launch on September 4 – and the latest trailer adds fresh info to the co-op superhero team-up.

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Square Enix's title offers both single-player and multiplayer missions, and this latest trailer shows how you'll be able to customise your characters to show them off online.

Each playable character can earn their own gear, which can be further customised and upgraded to tailor abilities to your playstyle. With progress shared between both single and multiplayer missions, and each moving the story along, you'll have plenty of opportunities to tweak your Avenger as you see fit.

Throughout the game's story, you'll play as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Ms Marvel, with the latter acting as the game's main protagonist. While Captain America has been shown in early gameplay footage, he meets his demise in the game's opening, acting as the campaign's inciting event and the catalyst for the Avengers disassembly – and subsequent reunion.

Expect plenty of classic character skins to be available when the game launches on September 4 on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Stadia.

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