Manny Pacquiao Enters The Esports Space With Team Pacquiao GG

Just when you thought Manny Pacquiao was out of sports, he gets pulled back in. This time, the eight-division world champion is establishing his name in the esports scene.

Officially unveiled through Esports Insider, the boxer announced a new gaming and esports brand, Team Pacquiao GG (TPGG).

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Manny Pacquiao Enters The Esports Space With Team Pacquiao GG

The esports brand will be jointly backed by Pacquiao and Veloce Group, the latter of which has established many esports platforms like Veloce Racing and Quadrant.

CEO of Veloce, Rupert Svendsen-Cook, discussed their excitement about the relationship:

Team Pacquiao represents our first joint-venture entity in Asia and we’re honoured to be creating something that raises the bar within the region alongside an incredible team of creator talent as well as the man himself, Manny Pacquiao.
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Credit: Team Pacquiao

Team Pacquiao GG will host various charity and community-run tournaments, as well as expand the competitive gaming scene across South-East Asia. The brand will spread even further next year, with more HQs being established globally.

Team Pacquiao GG has already signed a host of big names, all with a total of almost 14 million followers between them:

  • Gian Lois ‘GLOCO’ Concepcion
  • Een Mercado
  • Elyson ‘GHOST Wrecker’ Caranza
  • Kimberlee ‘superkimbie’ Arcillas
  • Shin Boo “sh1nboo” Ponferrada
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Credit: Team Pacquiao GG

With Manny Pacquiao entering the scene, it's clear that the former boxer wants to establish a strong legacy for himself, way beyond politics and boxing. Already one of the best athletes of all time, his esports brand is looking just as strong and is off to a solid start.

Will Team Pacquiao GG rival the likes of FaZe or Cloud9? Let us know in the comments.

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