Little Nightmares 2 Secret Ending: What Is It and How To Unlock It

Little Nightmares 2 has now released all over the world. 

The game has been highly praised since it released, and we have even reviewed it ourselves! Check it out here. 

One aspect of the game that a lot of players did not know existed, is the secret ending.

Here is the full secret ending to Little Nightmares 2 and how to unlock it! 



The secret ending within Little Nightmares 2 is one that most of you probably did not know existed, to begin with.

Tarsier Studios has done a fantastic job at hiding this secret ending, and it is tricky to unlock.

In order to unlock the secret ending, players are going to have to find and capture all 18 Glitched Children. 

These children can be found throughout the game but can be hard to find at certain points in the story.

If you have managed to find all 18, then the secret ending will kick in once you are at the tail end of the game.

The ending itself contains Six emerging from a TV, along with an appearance from The Maw, which was a monster within the first game.

While the secret ending is short, it does pose questions about whether or not we will see another Little Nightmares game! 

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