Legend of Zelda streamer blows away Ganon to beat Breath of the Wild using ocarina as controller

Streamer gv_mimi alongside The Legend of Zelda's Link.
Credit: Nintendo and gv_mimi on Twitter.

Streamer gv_mimi alongside The Legend of Zelda's Link.
Credit: Nintendo and gv_mimi on Twitter.

With the release of Tears of the Kingdom just over a month away, plenty of Legend of Zelda fans are already counting down the days until they can take to the picturesque plains of Hyrule again.

One of the easiest ways to quench your thirst for adventure is to delve back into one of the series' previous entries, all of which offer plenty of nostalgia-filled hours of questing and exploration for long-time Nintendo fans.

However, if the allure of reliving your childhood isn’t enough of a draw on its own and you don’t fancy an intense full-body workout, you might want to check out a streamer’s recent unorthodox Breath of the Wild playthrough for some inspiration that could help spice up your return to Hyrule.

Do you think you could beat a Zelda game using your musical talents?

The streamer in question is gv_mimi, who has spent most of the past month taking on the most recent entry in the Zelda series using an ocarina that’s mapped to control all of Link’s movements and actions.

While this is certainly a more fitting implement to take on a Zelda game with than the drawing pads, Bop-Its and guitars that Elden Ring players have used to add some extra challenge to their boss-battling exploits.

As you can see in the clip above, at the start of the run, gv_mimi had plenty of fun trying to get used to their unorthodox controller, struggling to take down even regular enemies without having to save regularly in case something went awry.

However, by the time they’d ploughed all the way through the game and reached the series of battles with different variants of Ganon that close it out, the streamer had gained the kind of musical mastery usually reserved for those who’ve dedicated their entire lives to belting out tunes, taking down Thunderblight, Calamity and finally Dark Beast Ganon via sheer puffing power.

Having now beaten the entire game with that last victory, the streamer was pretty overcome with emotion, though she’s already shown an interest in taking on Zelda games with other musical instruments in the future, so the ears of the denizens of Hyrule might not be in for too long a period of peace before they’re facing another melodic massacre.

Regardless of whether you’re now trying to start a band just to get access to instruments you can use to beat Breath of the Wild, make sure to follow us for a bunch of helpful guides to Tears of the Kingdom and its various features, including weapon crafting and raft building.

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