Legend of Zelda streamer takes on Breath of the Wild using motion controls

Link from the Legend of Zelda alongside Luality.
Credit: Nintendo and Luality on Twitter.

Link from the Legend of Zelda alongside Luality.
Credit: Nintendo and Luality on Twitter.

With the release of Tears of the Kingdom just over a month away, plenty of Legend of Zelda fans are already counting down the days until they can take to the picturesque plains of Hyrule again.

One of the easiest ways to quench your thirst for adventure is to delve back into one of the series' previous entries, all of which offer plenty of nostalgia-filled hours of questing and exploration for long-time Nintendo fans.

However, if the allure of reliving your childhood isn’t enough of a draw on its own, you might want to check out a recent Breath of the Wild stream for some inspiration that could help spice up your return to Hyrule.

Do you think you could beat a Zelda game using your body as a controller?

The broadcast in question comes from streamer Luality, who has a fair bit of experience in coming up with unorthodox ways to play open-world games, having taken on Elden Ring with both drawing and dance pads.

Now, though, she’s decided to try emulating her motion-controlled challenge run through the Lands Between from last month in Breath of the Wild, having also donned Princess Zelda cosplay as a bit of an extra wrinkle.

Though she had to work through some technical difficulties with her control setup early in the stream, including accidentally dishing out a ten-minute ban to someone in her chat while trying to move, she quickly jumped into a test battle in order to try and get the hang of parrying and striking.

Soon, Luality was happily exploring Hyrule and even felt confident enough to try taking on a powerful guardian, which unfortunately didn’t go too well, with her first attempt ending in rather swift fashion and a second proving only slightly more successful.

Having given up on challenging tough foes until she’d acquired some better gear, the streamer seemingly spent the rest of this broadcast venturing to an array of different villages, delving into a few dungeons and doing some minor questing.

Regardless of whether you’re now planning out how to beat Breath of the Wild’s speedrun record by dancing around for a few hours, make sure to follow us for a bunch of helpful guides to Tears of the Kingdom and its various features, including weapon crafting and raft building.

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