League of Legends Player Collects Every Available Skin, Riot Offers a Reward

Promo artwork for a League of Legends champion.
Credit: Riot Games.

Promo artwork for a League of Legends champion.
Credit: Riot Games.

For many League of Legends players, the game becomes a lifestyle, with daily match marathons meaning that they can soon be left looking for new ways to switch up and spice up their experience.

While sometimes this might come via inserting a few games of Loldle into their packed schedule as a palette cleanser, usually it means jumping all over any new content that arrives in the game.

Character skins are one of these fresh additions that are dropped pretty regularly and one League player is definitely fond of them, having recently taken to Reddit to announce that they own every skin in the game as of right now and reveal the reward Riot has offered them for achieving this feat.

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Posting to begin a thread on this in the subreddit r/leagueoflegends alluding, user Alaskan_Lost shared their achievement and explained that because of this, their ‘my shop’ tab was now completely empty, with no new skins being available for purchase.

So they took a screenshot and emailed it to Riot Games, leading to a reply offering them the chance to pick one rare skin from a list as a one-time reward. Alaskan_Lost chose a limited edition Twisted Fate skin originally only offered to attendees of PAX 2009, which they’ve already decided they aren’t a fan of, leading them to declare: “I now have 1349 skins. I'm level 855. So...I'm bored.”

In response to this, user NlNJALONG took it upon themselves to ask the inevitable question: “how much have you spent on League?”, prompting Alaskan_Lost to reply: “Last time I looked it was $5k. Thank god I forgot the link to the account page where it tells you that.”

Despite this, it seems there are still a few unobtainable skins out there that this uber collector has yet to get their hands on, with UFO Corki and Judgement Kayle being cited as examples that even the top skin acquirers are struggling to pin down.

A few more of these collectors showed up in the replies to share that they’d also received the reward, with user CrimsonClematis saying: “I have about 30 more skins than you. I am at like 1370 I believe. They started this back in the 10th anniversary. They gave me Rusty Blitz cause I had every skin in the game that was available.”

Some others in the thread shared strategy guides designed to help regular players reach the apex of skin collecting, with these reading like complex investment guides and requiring the player in question to have a lot of real money to burn.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in becoming a LOL skin baron, make sure to follow us for more League of Legends updates as new patches and characters arrive.

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