EA's Iron Man game from Dead Space devs is still in early production

iron man game from ea still in early production
Credit: SEGA

iron man game from ea still in early production
Credit: SEGA

Now that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out in the wild, fans are curious about the next major superhero games, such as Iron Man from EA Motive. Although nothing groundbreaking has been announced, Motive did confirm that the Iron Avenger’s big solo title is officially in early production.

This small announcement was made on , where Motive general manager Patrick Klaus gave an update on the game’s progress. Now that they’ve finished working on the Dead Space Remake, Klaus confirmed that the upcoming Iron Man game is next for the studio.

“We’re still early in pre-production and taking our time to make sure we set the best possible foundation for development,” Klaus said. “But already, we’re finding so many opportunities to explore story, design and gameplay with Iron Man, and it’s exciting to see the fantasy start coming alive.”

Motive will develop the superhero title similarly to how they made Dead Space, using Community Counsel to get feedback on what to improve. In addition to that, the Marvel icon’s game will also be using Unreal Engine 5 to ‘empower’ the dev team.

Details on the upcoming Iron Man game have been pretty slim, outside of the general announcement. Rumours of the title being open-world have made the rounds, but nothing concrete has been given, at least until now. Now that the game is in early production, all we can do is hope that it’s just as good as Spider-Man, if not better.

It’s not just Tony Stark hogging the video game spotlight with Spider-Man, as more Marvel titles are being made. We already know that Insomniac Games will be working on a Wolverine solo game. There’s also a Black Panther solo video game being made, alongside a team-up game with Captain America.

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At the time of writing, no release date for EA and Motive’s Iron Man game has been announced, though it will likely come out on current-gen systems. Fans who want to play with Iron Man now can pick up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on Switch, assuming they didn’t get the now-delisted Marvel’s Avengers.

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