Immortals Fenyx Rising: How To Upgrade Your Character Fast

Ubisoft originally described the project as “a storybook adventure about a forgotten hero on a quest to save the Greek gods.”

Now, the game has been released all over the world.

The game bolsters similar RPG elements to other titles we have seen released this year.

As well, one of the core aspects of the game is your player's level.

You are going to want to level as fast as possible, and there are certain tips we can provide you.

Here they are! 


Coins Of Charon

One of the most important parts in leveling up is obtaining the Coins of Charon.

These coins can be used for a wide variety of, but they are best used for upgrading your skills and godly powers.

These coins can be obtained by completing Myth Challenges.

We have covered how to obtain these coins, which can be viewed here. 



Using Zeus's lighting bolt at the Hall of the Gods, you can level up your stamina! 



Within the Hall of the Gods, you can upgrade your health with seven Ambrosia crystals. 


Red and Blue Adamantine

This will be the process of leveling up your weapons within Immortals Fenyx Rising. 

Players will be able to obtain Blue Adamantine through adventuring in the world.

While Red Adamantine can be found through unlocking guarded chests; which will open after you slay the guards! 


Purple and Blue Adamantine

Moving away from weapons, the Purple Adamantine will be used to level up your armor.

This can be found through Epic and Rare chests; so it is a lot harder to obtain!


Yellow and Blue Adamantine 

Yellow Adamantine when combined with Blue can be used to upgrade your potions and arrows.

This can be found within most chests, as well as the yellow crystals you see over the world will contain this. 


Golden Amber

Last but not least is the way to level up the effects of your potions.

This item can be found throughout chests and is one of the most common items within Fenyx Rising. 


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