Immortals Fenyx Rising: How To Get Coins Of Charon

Ubisoft originally described the project as “a storybook adventure about a forgotten hero on a quest to save the Greek gods.”

Now, the game has been released all over the world.

Players have been noting this may be Ubisoft's best release in all of 2020.

The game has similar features we see in other RPG's and one aspect is the ample amount of challenges within.

Myth Challenges are front and center for finding in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

These challenges are going to be the key to obtaining the Coins of Charon.

Let's take a closer look! 



These coins can be used to upgrade certain aspects of your character.

In order to obtain these coins you will need to partake and finish certain Myth Challenges throughout the world.

There are four challenges you can try out.

They are: 

  • Navigation Challenges
  • Lyre Challenges
  • Fresco Challenges
  • Odysseus Challenges

Essentially, the Navigation challenges are much like time trails we see in other titles; and some have noted that these are the easiest Myth Challenges to complete. 

Lyre challenges will have you track down smaller Lyre pieces, noting the different strings and notes each one plays along the way. You will then need to return to the Big Lyre and shoot them in the correct order.

Fresco challenges will task the player with fixing the pieces of a puzzle so that the image is properly displayed. 

Finally, Odysseus' challenges will require you to work your way around a maze with Apollo's Arrows!

Best of luck taking part in these challenges. 


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