PlayStation 4's Finally Been Jailbroken, and PS5 Could Be Next

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So, it's finally happened. Eight years after launch, hackers have successfully managed to jailbreak a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Calling this jailbreak "pOOBs4," players can put in games from a third-party PC applications, allowing them to run homebrew software.

The authors who made this jailbreak possible are Znullptr, ChendoChap and SpecterDev, who also credit Sleirsgoevy and TheFloW. As seen on SpecterDev's Tweet, these devs have successfully ran a functional jailbroken, showcasing that its stable to use.

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PlayStation 4's Finally Been Jailbroken, and PS5 Could Be Next


That's achieved through a PlayStation 4 on firmware version 9.00, which released back in September 2021. It isn't far from the current 9.03 version, which released earlier this month. Following this development, Znullptr confirmed on Twitter that this jailbreak technology could potentially work for the PlayStation 5 too. However, they've not got a PS5 unit to test this out on.

For now, we'll have to see how long it takes for Sony to release a fix, most likely under the guise of a "system stability" update. We'll keep you informed with further developments as they happen.