It's a very merry Christmas in GTA Online as players go tobogganing in Los Santos

An old woman dressed as Santa holds a shotgun whilst a man sleds down a hill in GTA Online.

An old woman dressed as Santa holds a shotgun whilst a man sleds down a hill in GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto players are always finding ways to make Los Santos a more interesting place to be. After a lack of GTA 6 news, it's open season in the world of Los Santos, recently crowned the worst video game city to live in.

From eyeing up Cayo Perico heist changes to modders turning GTA into Baywatch, there's never a shortage of excitement happening in the community.

Thankfully, GTA players aren't neglecting the festive season in favour of dropping forklifts on people. In fact, they've got into the Christmas spirit with zeal and tenacity.

Ever wanted to go tobogganing in Grand Theft Auto?

A post by user DrunkStoleATank shows a GTA character using a Blazer Aqua in quite a different way than normal. It's an amphibious quad bike, to be fair, so it's familiar with being used in multiple contexts. Still, putting it in boat mode and hurtling down a cliff seems like a one-way trip to the Los Santos Medical Center.

Players have been inspired by DrunkStoleATank's antics, though. Watching them fly down the hill on a quad boat has got plenty of players immediately jumping on and trying a bit of winter snowsport themselves. User erlansford was relieved: "Now I have a reason to buy this dumb thing!!! Awesome!"

Some wanted to get in on the act but needed a bit more advice, with bravenewworld23 commenting: "Wow that looks fun!! What vehicle is that?" and receiving the required help from the community. You'll need to open your wallet, but it's nothing too steep, as Resident-Meeting5403 states: "1.7Mn full, 1.3Mn trade price. It was discounted (30 or 40% off) some weeks ago. Bought it just to sled around."

Most of all, the Christmas spirit is well and truly alive in the GTA Online community, which is lovely to see. Pikmonwolf said it best: "A fellow tobogganer! I always tell people to give this a try when the snow comes around! Let's spread the good word lol."

Give it a go if you haven't already! Just be careful - user __CouchTomato__'s worse fears were confirmed when they asked: "Will you fly off of it like a motorcycle if you hit a tree? I kinda hate that…"

Stay safe, and have a great holiday season! If you're keen on hearing more about the silly antics in the Grand Theft Auto community, check out just how little they shower, or get involved in the debate over whether GTA needs more Christmas music on the radio.

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