GTA Online: UFO Business Battle Leaked

Sightings of aliens and UFOs are common across the Grand Theft Auto Franchise.

Rockstar has included them through easter eggs across multiple titles.

It's an exciting aspect of the franchise that fans have been trying to unravel for years.

Now, the next chapter of extraterrestrial sightings may be upon us.

Dataminers Find UFO Business Battle In GTA Online

A group of dataminers called 'The Game File Gurus' have found a UFO Business Battle in the game files.

They posted their findings to the ChiliadMystery Subreddit.

You can check out the video of the Business Battle below:

The mission is not currently playable in GTA Online at this moment.

The data mining group were able to play the mission through tampering with the game files.

They described the process of trial and error as painstaking.

However, after a period of time, they found the correct combination and it triggered the mission.

It is still unknown whether this Business Battle will go live in GTA Online.

Let's hope Rockstar add it into the game in the near future and give players another extraterrestrial experience.

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