God of War streamers are already starting to achieve 100% completion of Ragnarok on its hardest difficulty

Streamer MissMikkaa next to Kratos from God of War Ragnarok.

Streamer MissMikkaa next to Kratos from God of War Ragnarok.

With God of War Ragnarok having achieved the status of fastest-selling first-party launch game in Playstation history, it’ll probably be no surprise to you that an awful lot of Twitch streamers have been spending the vast majority of this month battling their way through Kratos’ fresh adventure.

While no one’s quite reached the point of deciding to try one of its boss fights with one hand or using a drawing pad, as has already happened to Elden Ring, quite a lot of these hardcore gamers have opted to jump straight up the game’s highest difficulty.

One of these streamers is MissMikkaa, who, while yet to replicate her run through 2018’s God of War using a dance pad in Ragnarok, has just achieved 100% completion playing on the No Mercy difficulty setting.

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MissMikkaa kicked off this run, which has taken around 63 hours in total, on November 9, the day of the game’s release, and has gradually been slicing and bashing her way through it in the weeks since then.

These efforts culminated in an intense battle with the Valkyrie Queen Gna for the final trophy during a recent six-hour stream, which began with the streamer saying: “I don’t think she’ll be too easy, I’m glad about that.”, before suffering a few defeats in quick succession.

Following these, the streamer decided to retreat and re-jig her weapon loadout in order to have a better chance and return for another flurry of attempts at besting Gna, which gradually began to fall short further and further into the boss’ health bar.

Then, at around five hours and twenty minutes into the broadcast, MissMikkaa finally dealt the fatal blow, which you can see in the clip included in the tweet below, before celebrating and taking in the rather emotional cutscene that follows the fight.

After this, the streamer went to show off how the game’s map looks with everything completed, before realising that there was one more collectable she had to grab to actually achieve this, laughing and saying: “If anyone asks, I did it after Gna.”

Thankfully, once this Remnant of Asgard was in her possession, the game displayed a 100% completion graphic, erasing all doubt as to whether anything else was left to do.

Having achieved this, MissMikkaa looks to be taking a break from Ragnarok for now, but if you’re desperate to watch someone else struggle their way through the game, streamer Luality has also recently been working on a similar run through it.

Regardless of whether you’re desperately waiting for someone to do a Ragnarok dance pad playthrough, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to all of Ragnarok’s puzzles and secrets.

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