Forza Horizon helps Scottish dementia sufferers to get back behind the wheel

An image of some dementia sufferers playing Forza.

An image of some dementia sufferers playing Forza.

While plugging in your racing wheel and going for a spin in the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo is pretty normal for many of us, that isn’t a universal experience.

After all, if you’re a bit of an old soul, you might not be aware of how to set things up so that your car feels like it should, or you might be afraid of being punted off by some rambunctious youth in a Vauxhall Corsa.

Thankfully, a Scottish Dementia Meeting Centre has stepped in to offer some vintage racers a bit of help to virtually get back behind the wheel.

Dementia Meeting Centre uses Forza to life spirits

Taking to Twitter, Kirrie Connections Meeting Centre in Kirriemuir, Scotland, shared some photos of some of its patrons enjoying going for a spin in the game, captioning it: “Many of our members tell us that driving is something they have really missed since getting a dementia diagnosis, so today we did some virtual driving.”

Tagged in the tweet were both Xbox UK and Forza Horizon’s Twitter pages, with the latter retweeting the post in approval of the driving skills on display.

A few users replying to the post weren’t quite as sure that any of those pictured should be lining up for a British Grand Prix any time soon though, with @DANNYonPC pointing out a cracked windscreen and quipping: “Looking at this, I'm happy they’re not allowed to drive anymore. All jokes aside, epic that you do that stuff!”

The centre replied suggesting that this minor damage was just a natural part of a spot of rallying, saying: “There was a wee bit of off-roading going on!”

Meanwhile, Forza player @DuffMan_D thought the idea was good enough to be worth employing in other institutions that care for dementia sufferers, saying: “My Mum misses driving about so much, this is a wonderful idea! Wonder if I could get her care home to introduce something like this.”

Regardless of whether you’ve got any relatives you think might enjoy a few races around Mexico in a souped-up Subaru Impreza, make sure to follow us for more wholesome gaming stories.

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