Amazon’s Fallout TV show finally has a release date

Fallout 4 protagonist walking a desolated road with a dog nearby
Credit: Bethesda

Fallout 4 protagonist walking a desolated road with a dog nearby
Credit: Bethesda

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After years of rumours, the TV adaptation of the Fallout game series finally has a release date. The show will launch on April 12th, 2024, exclusively on Amazon's Prime Video.

In a short teaser posted on Twitter, fans were treated to some classic Fallout 4 aesthetics with a lime green hacking interface. After some technobabble which included references to Robco and Vault 101, both eyebrow-raising references for fans of the games, a release date is finally confirmed.

The confirmation comes after months of smaller announcements; we've previously had confirmation that Arcane star Emma Purnell was cast in an unknown role, and the series has found promising directors in Westworld co-creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan.

Prime Video is producing the series, best known for The Boys and animated hit Invincible. Generally speaking, their adaptations are of good quality, but the pressure to knock it out of the park will be high after the popularity of HBO's adaptation of The Last Of Us.

Fallout games are immensely popular, with the games often following vault dwellers as they emerge into a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of mutated animals and the worst of humanity. The series is one of developer Bethesda's flagship titles, but we've heard very little about what the series is actually about beyond its setting in Los Angeles 'around the time of the games'.

The games have enough lore for several seasons if the show is successful; players have explored Southern California, Washington D.C, Boston and West Virginia in the numbered titles, with spinoff Fallout New Vegas being set in and around Las Vegas and Nevada. It's likely that we'll see the Brotherhood of Steel and their impressive power armour in some capacity, with other factions possibly returning from the games or being fabricated for the show.

Fans have jumped on the announcement to express their excitement, with many speculating about what the show could include. We, for one, can only hope the post-apocalyptic series is adapted better than Halo was.

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