Fallout 4 Set to be Revealed Tomorrow

Yes, it's real. Yes, it's finally happening.

Hit the link and head on over to fallout.bethsoft.com to find the countdown for a new Fallout reveal, set to end at 3PM UK time tomorrow (3rd June). We were expecting a full reveal of the game to take place at E3 later on in June, and that's certainly still the popular theory, but we can expect to see a glimpse of the game early to send hype thrusters into overdrive and make the two week wait even more painful.

As of current there are little to no details available on Fallout 4, with the following alleged leak by Kotaku (report by Eurogamer) being the largest quantity of information available thus far. The leaks noted the following.

"The intro will begin with the series' staple passage, "War. War never changes," only this time, it will be narrated by the player character rather than the disembodied voice of Ron Perlman. In fact, the leaked documents suggest that Bethesda was looking for both male and female voices for the protagonist, who begins the game awakening from cryosleep.

Locations mentioned include the Commonwealth, the Fallout universe's version of Massachusetts, and the Institute, the post-apocalyptic rendition of MIT after years of rot have tarnished the M and the T away.

Leaked characters include a radio DJ named Travis Miles, an engineer named Sturges, and a guy named Preston Garvey who wants you to fetch a fusion core from a Commonwealth museum."

Please don't just unveil a Fallout HD Collection, Bethesda. Expect more on this story tomorrow when the reveal actually takes place.

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