Fall Guys Is This Week's Steam Top Seller, Beating Horizon Zero Dawn!

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Fall Guys is currently free on PlayStation Plus and its a massive hit with the gaming community.

At first glance, it looks absolutely crazy but it managed to get 1.5 million players in the first 24 hours so clearly it's a great game!


Great enough to land itself a spot on the Steam top sellers list!

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Fall Guys Puts Horizon Zero Dawn In Second Place

Each Sunday, Steam posts a Weekly Top Sellers, and Fall Guys was the official number one bestseller on Steam last week!


Yes, the game where you waddle along knocking over your fellow beans is at the top and beating Horizon Zero Dawn!

Last weeks bestseller was Grounded, now at spot three behind Fall Guys, then Horizon Zero Dawn.

Bearing in mind Steam's top sellers' list actually compiles the list based on revenue, not units sold, which is pretty crazy seeing as Fall Guys' price point is actually a lot lower than most games on the list.

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As well as this, Fall Guys' Collector's Edition is also at spot four, meaning the game is in the top five twice!

It looks like Mediatonic knew that knocking people off of high platforms would be a lot more fun than most would expect!

Although Fall Guys is beating Horizon Zero Dawn at the moment, Horizon has only been out a few days so it's very possible it could knock Fall Guys off the pedestal.

Fall Guys is free on PS Plus now so be sure to give it a go!