Grounded: How To Upgrade Your Hammer To Level 2!

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Obsidian Entertainment is back yet again, this time with the release of survival game Grounded.

Gamers all over the world love a challenging, yet rewarding survival game; and this one has it all it seems.


You are going to need tools to make it through Grounded, but do not fear; the Hammer is one of the best in the game.

Here's how to get it to LVL 2!

How Do I Get The Hammer? 

Thankfully, it is not difficult to obtain the LVL 1 Hammer; as all, you are going to need to craft it is:

  • 3 Sprig's
  • 4 Pebblet's
  • 1 Woven Fiber

Similar to the Axe, this is one of the easier tools to obtain; as the true challenge lies in upgrading it from LVL1 to LVL 2!

Insect Hammer

This is where the real test lies, getting higher-level tools is no walk in the park in most games; and Grounded has its fair share of challenges. 


Like its counterpart in the Axe, you are going to need to partake on a quest to slay some bugs before you can craft this item.

This time around you are going to have to fight Stinkbugs; these can be located towards the south-western side of the map and are quite fierce.

But, this Hammer is very important for making life easier during the game, so it is a good shout to go ahead and get it over with when you think you are ready.

Once you fight these Stinkbugs and collect the Gas Sacks, here are the other materials you are going to need to acquire in order to get the Insect Hammer.

  • 4 Berry Leather
  • 1 Boiling Gland
  • 4 Stinkbug Gas Sacks

Below is video guide for how to get the Insect Hammer from YouTuber ZaFrostPet!