Elden Ring player brings Google Street View to the Lands Between

An image of street view in Elden Ring.

An image of street view in Elden Ring.

For the connoisseurs of frustration that roam the plains of Elden Ring, sometimes it can be hard to appreciate the breathtaking vistas of the Lands Between.

After all, when you’re having a difficult time mowing through a pesky boss that’s already reduced you to a crumpled corpse multiple times and neither a motivational pep talk from Israel Adesanya nor a rebalance of the game has helped, appreciating your environment can end up pretty far down the priority list.

Luckily, as reported by PCGamesN’s Will Nelson, there’s now a way for you to tour and explore the game’s expansive map without having to worry about getting into any fights that you can’t win.

Fancy exploring Elden Ring’s beautiful landscape without having to worry about enemies?

This new means of traversing the Lands Between is the work of Nassim Software, who recently took to the subreddit r/Eldenring to reveal their creation to their fellow Tarnished, declaring: “I made Elden Ring Street View!”

Inspired by Google Street View, this map currently allows you to take a look at a few locations from the game in your browser, with 360-degree images providing a panoramic viewpoint of spots, such as the location of your battle with Godrick.

Naturally, more interactive spots are currently planned to be added to the map in the future, hopefully building it up to a point at which most of the key locations throughout the Lands Between will be available to look around.

In the Reddit thread, user BigBoyJeb made another popular suggestion regarding how the work could be developed going forwards, saying: “not sure how complicated it would be, but would love an Elden Ring Geoguessr type game”, with TraumatizeMeCaptain joking: “If you're above ground, it just turns into a game of how close I am to the Erdtree.”

Others sarcastically pointed out a couple of minor changes that would make the creation resemble the real Google Street View a bit more closely, with user NiteHood_ arguing: “You should blur the NPCs' faces for added street view vibes.”

User AlbertofSchofield went a step further in terms of immersion, lamenting: “You missed the opportunity to have your Tarnished wearing Lusat's headgear to cast a google van camera shadow in every photo.”

While you wait to see whether Nassim Software elects to enact any of these propositions, you could check out another of their gaming-based street view iterations, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild’s Hyrule having already been immortalised by the virtual street view van.

Regardless of which iconic landscape you plan to nose around first, make sure to follow us for more updates on the wacky worlds of Skyrim and Fallout modding.

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