EA’s collaboration with Marvel has fans hoping for Hulk and X-Men games

Marvel's The Hulk looking pretty angry.

Marvel's The Hulk looking pretty angry.

While Marvel games have been a bit of a mixed bag in recent years, with beloved titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man being counterbalanced by relative flops like Marvel’s Avengers, it seems the desire for superhero-themed games hasn’t died down.

Gotham Knights is the latest of these to release, though EA and Marvel’s announcement of a fresh partnership has somewhat stolen the genre’s headlines.

Said collaboration has been revealed to be bringing players an Iron Man game made by Motive Studios, but fans are already speculating as to what else might come out of it.

Which heroes would you like to see get a game as part of this collaboration?

The aspect of EA’s blog post announcing the partnership which has set off this conjecture is the statement that the agreement is: “a long-term deal to develop at least three new action adventure games that will be available for consoles and PC.”

While one of these titles will be Iron Man, which EA confirms will be “a single-player, third-person, action-adventure” game and the second is reported by Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb to be a previously rumoured Black Panther game, the third is still a bit of a mystery box.

Naturally, this blank canvas has invited players to outline the Marvel games they’d like to see, with users in the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours being no exception to this rule, as their suggestions in a thread about the news included a wide range of heroes.

For example, user EtheusRook said: “Anything X-men, please. I would pay good money for a Gambit game in open world New Orleans.”, while hopscotch1818282819 was even more specific, declaring: “Give me a BioWare style X-men RPG where you create your own mutant and pick your own powers. Give me classic X-men as squad mates.”

On the other hand, user DoIrllyneeda_usrname argued: “EA would be perfect for a Hulk game given that their Battlefield series features so many destructible environments.”

Meanwhile, a few users discussed the idea of a game based around Doctor Strange, with a number of them suggesting the hero might be a good fit for a game by Remedy Entertainment.

Regardless of which heroes you want to be able to play as in the future, make sure to follow us for lots of useful guides that’ll help you master Gotham Knights.

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