DOOM 4 coming Spring 2016

Doom, the iconic shooter developed by id Software, has been labelled as the game that paved the way for the FPS genre. Now fans of the classic horror-sci-fi shooter will see the franchise return to its roots.

Bethesda’s E3 conference showcased polished gameplay with fast paced shooting sequences on a Mars research facility. The game boasts plenty of demon killing gore with beautiful updated current gen graphics. Get ready to shoot and saw demons in half.

In addition to single player, expect fast paced arena-styled multiplayer. Domination, freeze tag and more will be playable game modes on maps of various themes. Highlighted were Mars research facilities. They've even gone as far as the depths of hell for online gameplay.

The conference also showcased Doom Snapmap which is an in game tool to allow players to create their own online experience. Players can easily use Snapmap’s features to create their own map set ups and game modes. You can share your creations and make them playable for friends and the online community to offer an endless supply of competitive experience in Doom. Imagine the eSports possibilities! 

Expect more info on multiplayer to be released in the coming months. The game is currently scheduled for Spring of 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

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