Destruction AllStars Might Go Free-to-Play Soon

After debuting as a free PlayStation Plus game for PS5 owners, Destruction AllStars might be taking the Free-to-Play route soon. Thanks to code spotted during a recent maintenance period, Lucid's plans may have been uncovered.

According to a Reddit post, opening Destruction AllStars during its maintenance period would result in code for upcoming challenges being shown, one of which says BS_F2P_CHALLENGE. It’s the biggest indication that AllStars will soon go Free-to-Play game, though this remains officially unconfirmed.

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Destruction AllStars Might Become a Free-to-Play Game Soon

Destruction AllStars debuted on PS Plus in February 2021 for subscribers, also seeing a sharp price drop before launch. It'll be interesting to see if this entices anyone beyond the current player base, and fans are hopeful that - like many Sony games recently - this'll receive a PC port too.

Destruction AllStars was recently patched, providing major changes including improved menu navigation, higher emphasis on visual effects, and breakdowns for how XP was earned. The game received average reviews at launch, but you can play it now exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

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