Bungie disables crafted weapons in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 weapon glitch
Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 fans have enjoyed, to say the least, the recent crafted weapons glitch that allows Legendary guns to get Exotic traits, but it seems Bungie wants the fun to end in the coming days after announcing they'll be disabling all crafted weapons from being equipped.

That's right, in order to avoid more drastic measures, the developers will not allow players to equip any crafted weapons, regardless of their legality. You will still have the ability to create them, however, they will not be functional during this time.

So if you were still on the hunt for an Aggressive Frame glitched gun using the Imperial Decree trait, you might be running out of time!

Crafted weapons unusable in Destiny 2

Via social media, Bungie explained their reasons for deploying this fix. The alternative would have been a much more drastic solution, like a complete rollback of the game, removing all player achievements during this past few days, or even weeks.

We’re exploring all potential solutions and keeping an eye out in case things get TOO wild and we need to take drastic measures to ensure the health of the game.

With that in mind, they followed explaining that in order to fix the weapon crafting glitch, two fixes will be deployed soon. The first, which will disable crafted weapons from being equipped will be followed by a second one, which is set to revert the status of your Frankenstein guns, removing the unintended perks from them.

So, if you didn't partake or even weren't aware of the recent Destiny 2 weapon crafting glitch and are wondering why none of your crafted weapons can be equipped, there's your answer!

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