Death Stranding 2 Rumoured To Be 'In Negotiations' After Norman Reedus' Statement

Death Stranding now has a rumoured sequel, after it was confirmed by Norman Reedus, who plays the game’s main character, Sam Porter Bridges.

The ‘Reveal’

It took place during a roundtable session for The Walking Dead wherein the actor (as reported by Vitoria Pratini of AdoroCinema) mentioned:

I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding. (The game) is in negotiations right now. So, yay!

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Death Standing 2 Confirmed?

Although Reedus’ statement implies there's an ongoing negotiation about a sequel to Kojima Productions' renowned 2019 action game, there is still no confirmation whether it is true or not.

One major ‘hint’ was tweeted way back in June 2020, where Hideo Kojima himself posted an image showing some concepts that gave the gaming community various theories – including that it could be about a possible Death Stranding sequel.

However, these are all just rumours at the moment. The only thing sure is that the release of Death Stranding Director’s Cut will push through this upcoming September 24, 2021 for PS5. You might want to check the trailer below:

As the original Death Stranding game released two years ago, its possible that a sequel may be in the works already. For now though, nothing is set in stone, so make sure to follow us for more news and updates about Death Stranding.

Source: TheGamer via IGN Brazil

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