Dead By Daylight players speculate over which killers could be next to join the game

A promo screenshot for Dead By Daylight.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Running from a psychopathic murderer generally isn’t considered that fun in real life, but for those who play Dead By Daylight, it’s just another day at the office.

In fact, some of these wannabe survivors end up developing a kind of Stockholm syndrome for their pursuers, to the point that they’re open to taking them out on dates and seeing just how killer their pick-up lines are.

Perhaps this was partly the inspiration for some players to decide to put together a wishlist of scary fellas that they’d like to see added to the game as killers at some point in the future.

Who would you like to be hunted down by in Dead By Daylight?

The ResetEra thread containing this discussion began with a post from user Meelow, who said: “I know Wesker just got confirmed and Mind Flayer from Stranger Things Season 2 is rumoured, but not thinking of those, which killer do you hope joins Dead By Daylight? For me, I think Chucky makes sense, he's iconic and having a doll killer come after you would be unique!”

A bunch of other players responded with their own movie-flavoured requests, with user Karlinel pointing towards the turkey from the ThanksKilling series and Bishop89 being comfortable with having a reenactment of Alien Vs Predator going on behind them as they flee into the hills.

Meanwhile, user MarcelloF vouched for an ex-Republican governor in the form of the T-800 Terminator, which has already popped up in Call of Duty Warzone as a skin.

At the same time, user Genesius said: “I’m surprised there isn’t a Cthulhu killer. Feels like they could play around with survivors not being able to look directly at the killer without a madness metre or something filling up that gives you a big debuff and reveals your location if it caps.”

Creepy clown Pennywise also proved a popular suggestion, with the introduction of sewers to the game that would come with the Stephen King character also possibly providing a suitably wet habitat for another pick, the shark from Jaws.

On the other hand, some of the suggestions were a little bit less ordthodox, with user Razmos saying: “weirdly the only thing that came to mind, (even as a huge horror fan) was Sephiroth” and Random Character selecting the Uncharted series’ Nathan Drake as their pick, surely for dating purposes.

Regardless of whether you’d prefer running from a murderous creature or an Indiana Jones wannabe, make sure to follow us for some killer Dead By Daylight guides and tier lists to help you avoid a grisly death.

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