Cyberpunk 2077 player seemingly unearths possible Phantom Liberty DLC placeholder quest

Alt Cunningham in Cyberpunk 2077.

Alt Cunningham in Cyberpunk 2077.

Whether you’re someone who loves shooting their way through mercenary gigs or prefer to sit back and take in the detailed environments of CD Projekt Red’s urban jungle, Cyberpunk 2077 still has a lot to offer in 2023.

For veteran players who’ve driven along every street in Night City a thousand times and found all of the secrets it has to offer, an invitation to join Idris Elba in the upcoming Phantom Liberty Expansion can’t come soon enough.

While we currently don’t know much about this DLC aside from what was shown in its teaser trailers, as reported by Dexerto, one player on Reddit believes they might possibly have stumbled across a mission related to it.

Are you hyped up for Cyberpunk 2077’s first expansion to arrive?

The player in question, user Acrobatic_Internal_2 posted a video of their apparent discovery on the subreddit r/cyberpunkgame, asking their fellow fans: “Guys...have you seen this before?”

In a separate comment further down the thread, they suggested that they’d been refreshing the widely-used mods ‘Cyber Engine Tweaks’ and ‘ArchiveXL’ when the job, named ‘%DLCMain% : Casino Warfare’ popped up in their quest journal. They also revealed the other mods currently in their load order.

A couple of players proposed that one of these works, possibly Deceptious' ‘Night City Interactions - Watson and Westbrook Drinks plus Edgerunners locales’ could be responsible for the strange mission, with user AbrLinc alleging: “CDPR name their quests internally with mq, sq, q (and) a three digit number. Phantom Liberty should have a 300 code (rather than the 66 code shown in the clip).”

The thread on the Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit.
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One of the main aspects of the video that got some players in the thread excited was the mention of a character called ‘Falco’, this being the name of a character from the Edgerunners anime, though this could also be interpreted as evidence that the quest is somehow linked to Deceptious’ mod, which includes some locations from the show.

The only other character alluded to by the listing is Alt Cunningham, a netrunner and long-time romantic interest of Johnny Silverhand, who is featured in the base game’s main quest.

Update: As reported by GamesRadar, CD Projekt Red Global PR Director Radek Grabowski has now taken to Twitter to clarify that this discovery isn't linked to the Phantom Liberty DLC, stating: "We do not have this content neither in Phantom Liberty nor in the base game."

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