Elon Musk interrupted a Cyberpunk 2077 recording session with an antique gun, because of course he did

Some characters from Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.
Credit: CD Projekt Red.

Cyberpunk 2077’s highly-anticipated Phantom Liberty expansion is set to drop next week, and in addition to providing a fresh story for people to delve into, it’ll arrive alongside a huge array of overhauls to the base game’s mechanics.

While modders have added anything from new missions to weapons and even a portable TV to CDPR’s futuristic RPG, long-time players are keen to see if the changes made by its original creators can finally help the game properly deliver an experience that matches its pre-release hype.

Speaking of the time before the base version of Cyberpunk arrived in our lives, it’s recently been revealed that one of the recording sessions during the game’s development featured some very strange antics from everyone’s least favourite social media platform overseer.

Does this tale about the Musk and Cyberpunk 2077 surprise you in the least?

According to a new memoir about Elon Musk (thanks, TheGamer), the current face of Tesla and the website formerly known as Twitter interrupted a voice acting session for Cyberpunk in an effort to secure a cameo in the game.

The session that Musk crashed, brandishing an antique gun and declaring that he was “armed, but not dangerous,” was actually being held so that his partner at the time, singer Grimes, could record lines for Lizzy Wizzy, the chrome-skinned pop star she voices in the game.

The section of the memoir, which has been written by Walter Isaacson, that details the incident describes Musk as having: “[shown] up at the studio wielding a two-hundred-year-old gun and insisted that [the developers] give him a cameo.”

“The studio guys were, like, sweating,” Grimes tells Isaacson in the passage, while Musk reveals that his desire to feature in the game was due to its use of cybernetic implants, which the would-be Eldon Tyrell likened to the brain chips being developed by Neuralink, one of his many ventures.

Given that Lizzy Wizzy pops up in the game’s Phantom Liberty expansion wearing a swanky hat, one can only hope that CD Projekt Red weren’t treated to another visit from the most insufferable person on X (just THINK of the ground that statement covers).

Regardless of whether you’re now wondering why a grown man would behave in this manner, make sure to check out our coverage of Cyberpunk’s existing mods and our latest mods of the month.

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