Chrono Cross Remake Could Be Revealed Next Month

Music composer Yasunori Mitsuda has dropped a tease for potentially a new game reveal coming next month, which could be a remake of Chrono Cross.

Over the weekend the composer tweeted fans thanking them for sending him birthday messages. However, the tweet also teased that he would have more to share on his next project "next month". Mitsuda's whole tweet (as translated by Google) reads as:

"Thank you so much for your birthday messages. I'm sorry I couldn't reply to each person. This thank you will be returned to you in the work At the earliest (if you are lucky), we will announce the first one next month, so please look forward to it!!!"

Chrono Cross Remake Could Be Revealed Next Month

Gaming Bolt suggests that this could be something for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which has supposedly been in development for a number of months. For those who don't know, Mitsuda composed the music for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. However, many believe a new Xenoblade game is still years away from release.

On the flip side, Video Games Chronicle has suggested that Mitsuda could have been working on music for a remake of Chrono Cross for some time.

Last October VGC reported that Irish Folk singer Éabha McMahon had claimed to work on a “big game” said to be a remake of "a classic PlayStation title."

During her radio interview, McMahon claimed she worked on the mystery PlayStation game’s soundtrack with composer Michael McGlynn and his daughter, who sang on the track in question.

Less than two weeks before McMahon’s radio appearance, Chrono Cross composer Yasunori Mitsuda tweeted a photo of McGlynn and his daughter preparing to perform music remotely. - Video Games Chronicle

Gematsu has also reported that a remastered version of Chrono Cross is in development. Chrono Cross was also one of a number of games listed in Nvidia's Database leak last September.

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