Call of Duty: Warzone: Weapon Damage Values Are Different In Private Matches

The first season of post-launch content for Call of Duty: Warzone is well underway.

As players drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island, the start of the season saw some of the biggest changes take place within the popular battle royale title.

Alongside the introduction of a brand-new map, the entire weapon arsenal from Black Ops Cold War has been imported into Warzone, drastically changing the metagame.

With the expanded arsenal added into the game, it turns out that the damage statistics for some of the weapons are different when used in a private match.

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Different Damage Values

MP5 Warzone
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Weapons such as the MP5 from Modern Warfare have different damage values in private Warzone matches

Discovered by YouTuber TrueGameData, some of the weapon damage profiles in a private match feature a variety of damage drop-off profiles that differ greatly from the profiles found in a public Warzone match.

The differing values feature in several sub-machine guns that are in Warzone.

With a range of different values in private matches, TrueGameData suggests that private Warzone matches are either being used to test a number of variables or is on a completely different build of the BR.

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Why Is This A Big Deal?

Private matches are sometimes used to host competitive Warzone matches, and if some of the weapon damage values differ from a public lobby, this will likely cause a shift in the metagame.

Although it only appears to impact a few SMGs, it seems very strange to include different damage profiles from one version of the BR to another.

It’s also a big deal because developers Infinity Ward and Raven Software didn’t mention differing damage values when private matches were added into the game in November 2020.

Now the variations have been discovered, it will be interesting to see whether the developers change the damage profiles so they are the same across the board.

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