Call of Duty: Warzone: New Cluster Strike Glitch Discovered

The first season of post-launch content for Call of Duty: Warzone is well underway.

While players were excited upon the integration of the entire Black Ops Cold War weapon arsenal along with the release of a new map, Season One has arguably been one of the most disappointing seasons to date.

Despite all the new content, the popular battle royale has been plagued with a variety of returning glitches and poor weapon balancing which has led to the vocal community expressing their frustrations with developer Raven Software.

The latest glitch to be discovered involves the Cluster Strike killstreak that can be found in Supply Crates or bought from one of the several Buy Stations located across the map.

Here’s everything we know about the glitch.

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Warzone Cluster Strike Glitch

This particular glitch involves players desyncing with what is happening in the game.

For those that don’t know what desyncing is, the issue occurs when the server doesn’t register important real-time movements made by the player.

Content creater IceManIsaac got to experience the glitch first hand.

— IceManIsaac (@IceManIsaac_)
January 11, 2021

As you can see, as Isaac navigates the helicopter through the skies of Verdansk, a Cluster Strike is called in behind him. If you look carefully at the map, he is nowhere near the cluster but he and his chopper still get destroyed by it.

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Another Glitch...

Warzone Cluster Strike Glitch
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Warzone is no stranger to bugs in recent weeks

This is the latest in a wave of bugs and exploits that have recently returned to Warzone.

Players have reported the return of the unlimited stim glitch, allowing players to survive for extended periods of time in the gas and they have also reported the presence of the invisibility glitch which allows players to roam the map completely undetected.

While many were hoping for Season One for Warzone to be one of the biggest yet, the ever-growing number of glitches appearing is continuing to make playing the game less enjoyable for plenty of players.

When Will It Be Fixed?

It is currently unclear as to when this particular glitch will be rectified by the developer.

Considering the significant impact that it could have on the outcome of a game, it is likely to be fixed in the coming weeks.

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