Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Riot Shield Is Not Arriving To The Game

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Season One for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is well underway.

The largest drop of free content for a Call of Duty game has seen a wide variety of content added to the game, including the return of Raid, new weapons and so much more.


As Season One heads to its halfway point, players and fans are beginning to speculate what could be arriving as part of the mid-season update.

With the addition of new content likely to take place, data miners have seemingly discovered the potential return of the riot shield.

While some are reporting it will be added to the game, others are saying that it will not be added.

Here’s everything we know about the potential return of the riot shield.


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The Return Of The Riot Shield

According to numerous sources, the riot shield had been found within Black Ops Cold War but after further investigation, it was revealed that players had modified the game for it to be seen in the game.

Despite the false information, an assault shield has been found within the files of the game.

for any misinformation floating aound-the shield is a re-use of assets from previous games and isn't coming to the gamehowever, here is a video of the barricade field upgrade, which mind you, has been in the files since day one.
— The CheeseBurger Boys (@Cheezburgerboys)
January 5, 2021

The shield looks similar to the protective barricade used by Torque in Black Ops 4.


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Assault Shield Release Date

Although the video above sees the assault shield in action and the files have been present in the game for the past few months, it is unclear as to when players will be able to get their hands on the new piece of equipment.

With the mid-season update on the horizon, there is every chance that we will see the shield added.


Considering the purpose of the assault shield, it is likely to be added as a brand-new Field Upgrade which will add some much-needed variety to what is currently available.