Black Ops Cold War: What Does The Red Door Mean For The Campaign Story?

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Now that millions of Call of Duty fans have got a first glimpse at the Black Ops Cold War campaign, there are still some questions that have yet to be answered.

Throughout the campaign trailer, the appearance of a red door can be seen in a number of scenes. The Red Door was first discovered as the name of the internal alpha of Black Ops Cold War in the months leading up to the official reveal.


In this article, we investigate what could be on the other side of the door and what role it could play during the campaign.

A Dream Sequence

Black Ops Cold War Campaign Storyline

During the campaign trailer, the red door appears in several scenes, with the player-created character seen breaching through to the other side but what lies beyond the door is never revealed.


With no clue as to what’s hiding behind the mysterious door, it could well be a part of a dream or hallucination sequence.

The Black Ops series is no stranger to putting the players in some form of an alternate reality. With Cold War being a direct sequel to the first Black Ops game, the potential of a scene similar to when Mason breaks free of his chair and begins roaming the corridors could be on the cards.


Black Ops Cold War Campaign

Throughout the Call of Duty franchise, players have often found themselves transported back in time, completing a mission from years gone by which often adds some vital information to the storyline.

The Cold War campaign is different from any other single-player experience. With players being able to create their very own character, a flashback mission could add some depth to a potential backstory or it could see players completing a mission as one of the main protagonists.

Potential Corruption

Black Ops Cold War Corruption

With Mason already a victim of a Soviet corruption attempt back on the first Black Ops game, the chance of Perseus playing a role in the plan could be very likely. 

As players complete missions as their very own playable character, could the red door seen at the end of a corridor hold answers to a potential backstory? Or could it open up a more sinister project that the Soviets were working on? We will have to wait and see what the red door uncovers on November 13th!