Black Ops Cold War: Original Frank Woods Voice Actor Not Asked To Come Back

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Black Ops Cold War recently had its big reveal and with the Modern Warfare cycle coming to a close soon; the anticipation is building. 

As of now, we know limited details on the game, but we do know that beloved character Frank Woods is making a return.


However, it appears that only half of Frank Woods is coming back.

No Return

Last week's reveal of the Black Ops Cold War campaign was incredible. So much so, the trailer has been viewed over 7 million times in 7 days.

During this trailer, we got glimpses of all our favourite characters from the original Black Ops. These include Frank Woods, Alex Mason and Jason Hudson.


KNOCK ON WOOD: Frank returns but he's missing something...

However, the original voice actor for Frank Woods; James C. Burns has since spoken on his role in Black Ops Cold War.

Taking to YouTube to explain that Activision did not ask him to return to voice Frank Woods.

"I'm sure the story's gonna be brilliant, but I've got 80,000 pounds of weight to bring to this thing - and not a knock on whoever they got in there, but he doesn't have the background that I have with Woods," explained Burns.


During the video, James C. Burns notes that he was not contacted at all by Activision and did not know Frank Woods was going to be in Black Ops Cold War.

"I got 11 years with this guy, and I have all this backstory and all this front-loaded stuff. So that's my frustration."

"Not that this guy's not gonna do a good job, I'm sure he's a professional actor, I'm sure he'll do fine. But I would've f***in' crushed this thing! That's my frustration, I wish I had a shot at it."

A disappointing feat for fans of the act as well for the series as a whole.


His successor is still unknown and while it's not a bad replacement, will they be able to reflect that unique personality and portray the emotions that James C. Burns did?

Will they be able to pull off such iconic lines such as: "Looks don't count for s*** in the jungle. This is 'Nam baby!" or "keep your eyes on the dirt; I don't wanna get shot in the balls."

Master Sergeant Frank Woods first appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops and has also featured in the sequels. Woods was part of the Studies and Observation Group (SOG) along with Alex Mason and Joseph Bowman.

Black Ops Cold War launches on the 13th November, where we'll see just how good this re-cast Woods is and what they can offer to the role.