Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Barbed Wire And Shield Found In Game Files

With the second half of Season One for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in full swing, the attention is slowly turning towards Season Two and what content is likely to be included.

Alongside the additions of brand-new maps, game modes, Operators, and more, there is a chance for new Field Upgrades to be included in the new season of post-launch content.

A data miner has discovered two new Field Upgrades within the game files and it’s more than likely that they will be arriving during Season Two.

Here’s everything we know about the arrival of barbed wire and an assault shield in Black Ops Cold War.

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It’s not very often to see new Field Upgrades arrive as post-launch content but considering the global pandemic and how Treyarch had to adapt its development in order to get the game released on time, it’s no surprise to see new content that may have been intended to be included at launch, arriving as part of content updates.

The discovery of Barbed Wire and an Assault Shield comes courtesy of notorious Call of Duty leaker @DeclassifiedCOD, who has correctly uncovered unreleased maps which have later appeared in the game.

Barbed Wire Black Ops Cold War
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Image courtesy of @DeclassifiedCOD

The Barbed Wire looks similar to the one that was included in Black Ops 4. As the perfect tool to block off an alleyway and to snag anyone attempting to move through it, the addition of Barbed Wire as a Field Upgrade certainly has the potential to add another layer to the metagame.

Barricade Black Ops Cold War
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Image courtesy of @DeclassifiedCOD

The Assault Shield also looks similar to the one that featured in Black Ops 4 as a Specialist. Used as an ideal piece of temporary cover, the Assault Shield is a great way for players to hold down an area of the map where cover is minimal.

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Barbed Wire And Assault Shield Release Date

With the end of Season One fast approaching, details surrounding what will feature in Season Two are likely to emerge in the coming weeks.

Players are likely to be able to get their hands on the new Field Upgrades towards the end of February when the new season will begin.

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