Call of Duty 2023 reportedly carries over Modern Warfare 2 content

The Call of Duty logo next to a soldier
Credit: Activision

The Call of Duty logo next to a soldier
Credit: Activision

Following initial rumours of the Modern Warfare 2 cycle lasting two years, it’s now believed that 2023 will see a full release after all. Information on the next Call of Duty instalment continues to emerge but fans remain sceptical.

With attention also turning towards Season Two Reloaded, a recent report has uncovered more intel on what Call of Duty 2023 has in store. For fans of the Modern Warfare series, it’s good news.

The Bloomberg report reveals Sledgehammer Games is in charge of the next release and the game will carry over plenty of Modern Warfare 2 content.

Modern Warfare 2 content carrying over to CoD 2023

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reveals the game was initially planned to launch as a premium expansion for Infinity Ward’s latest release but ‘morphed’ into a full game that comes with another hefty price tag.

The exact details of what the game has in store remain a mystery, but Schreier says the game will act as a continuation of the Modern Warfare 2 story and include new multiplayer content.

Although the prospect of brand-new Call of Duty content sounds promising, fans aren’t liking the idea of having to part ways with their hard-earned cash for a game that could well act as a copy-and-paste. “Are you telling me I need to pay another AAA full price for what’s essentially going to be a copy-paste of the multiplayer?” questions one fan.

In addition to CoD 2023 intel, Bloomberg reports Activision executives suggested an annual rotation between the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series with each of the releases having two years of post-launch support. However, with the publisher in the middle of being acquired by Microsoft, there’s every chance plans will change.

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