Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest 2020: Release Date, Ghost Types, Details And More

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Each year Borderlands 3 releases a Halloween event, Bloody Harvest.

It's full of spooky themes, missions, bosses and new loot.

Here's a rundown of all we know about Bloody Harvest 2020.

Bloody Harvest 2020

Your friendly Saurian shipmate Maurice is continuing his study of human customs and will once again give you a mission to collect Hecktoplasm from the ghosts that spawn after you kill haunted enemies – just look for enemies with a telltale green glow throughout the galaxy. Once you have enough Hecktoplasm, return to Maurice and he’ll open a portal to Heck, the blood-curdling abode of Captain Haunt.

For the full rundown of everything you can expect, look here!

Release Date

The Bloody Harvest is out now, and will run until November 5!

Better get harvesting!


Check out the event's trailer below:


Ghost Types

In the event, enemies can be 'Haunted'.

When these mobs die they will release a ghost that will attack the player and give the Terror debuff, this affects accuracy.

Ghosts can drop a type of Anointed equipment that benefits from the Terror effect.

There are three types of ghosts.

They can be determined by their colours:

  • Ghost (Green) - Charges directly at the player
  • Badass Ghost (Red) - Fires red cryo at the Vault Hunter, then charges at them
  • Loot Ghost (Yellow) - Flys about sporadically for a few seconds then flys in a random direction and vanishes  

All ghost types are resistant to Cryo damage.


Here's a taste of what Vault Hunters can earn as part of the event:

  • 4 Challenges Completed - 'A Shrinking Feeling' weapon trinket;
  • 8 Challenges Completed - 'Message from Beyond' ECHO Device skin;
  • 12 Challenges Completed - 'Haunted Look' shared Vault Hunter skin;
  • 15 Challenges Completed - 'Porphyrophobia' weapon skin. 
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