Bloober Team's Unannounced Projects: Details Revealed Hint At New IPs, Aliens, And More

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After Bloober Team agreed to work with Konami on projects in the future, eagle-eyed users on Reddit have discovered the studio has 3 projects in development. And, we have some details about them from the European Union's Creative Commission page.

The Reddit thread points out that on Bloober Team's official website it lists the projects that have been co-funded by the European Union, with 3 seemingly unannounced ones present.


The first of these is called "H20", which specifically mentions that this will be a sequel to Layers of Fear.

Now, Layers of Fear 2 released in 2019, after this project was funded in 2018 and the codename H20 could be referencing the fact that the game was set on a massive ocean liner, which would mean this project is already out.

It could potentially be pointing towards a third game, but we would guess this was for the second game, especially as the summary details the writer playing the game.

The second project is by far the most interesting and is codenamed "Black". Black is a first-person adventure with a mixture of exploration, survival, and combat and has multiple story-driven setpieces with the player interacting with characters.

Moral choices throughout the game will lead to at least one of two different endings.

Hand-to-hand combat will feature but is described as "sparse and sometimes optional". The player will be overwhelmed and outnumbered constantly and you can stealth past enemies, improvise in the moment, or outmanoeuvre them.

The enemies in the summary are described as "aliens" and the game is apparently set in the middle ages, creating a unique combination of elements.


The historical setting is also there to allow for the potential of spin-offs in other historical periods, similar to Assassin's Creed.

This definitely sounds like the team's next project and it was funded in 2019, suggesting this might be what we see next from the Polish studio.

The final project is codenamed "Dum Spiro" and was funded in 2015. So, quite a long time ago.

The name comes from a Latin phrase "dum spiro, spero", which means "while I breathe, I hope", which expresses the main theme of the game:

"that even in the face of certain death people are still capable of deciding about their lives, defining its meaning through their actions towards the end and even triumph the evil in a symbolic way."

Set in the Litzmannstadt Ghetto in the 1940s, this ghetto was establised for Polish Jews and is the second largest in Europe.

Playing as an imprisoned boy you struggle to try and save your sister. According to the summary, the main unique feature of Dum Spiro is that you would gain a greater immersion through choices by having responsibility over characters' activities by making those choices and assessing the impact in real time.


The game reportedly has a branching plot that is split into 3 acts, with the player making a choice as to which episode they will play next. This would also come with an extensive system of interpersonal relationships with decisions that affect their feelings towards you.

This is perhaps the vaguest project of the three, but it seems like Bloober Team were aiming to produce something like This War of Mine or Frostpunk, where you feel responsible for what happens to the characters.

Parts of the game do seem like aspects of The Medium, but that game was funed years before Dum Spiro and has its own page on the European Union's website.

So, as you can see, none of them sound like they could be a new Silent Hill game, which likely means that project is years away, with Bloober hoping to get these two, or potentially three games out the door in the next few years.


What are your thoughts on these projects?