Bethesda E3 Recap

In addition to Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and Doom news we've already covered here, the conference also provided a lot of other information from the studio’s projects.

Bethesda’s 2012 stealth action-adventure game, Dishonored, finally gets a "next gen" sequel. Today’s E3 announcement reveals Arkane Studios has been hard at work. A gritty trailer was shown for the upcoming game simply titled Dishonored 2. You have a choice of the male protagonist or Emily, who reappears as a new playable character. They advise you can play with amazing weapons or play the entire game in stealth without killing anyone.

Dishonored the Definitive Edition is coming as a remastered version available this fall on current gen consoles with Dishonored 2 not getting a proper release date at this time.

Elder Scrolls Online fans will receive an addition to the ESO world in the form of the Elder Scrolls Legends online strategy card game. The card game will be free to play for PC and iPad users. More information is scheduled to come in later months.

A small preview was shown of Battlecry, an all new title from Bethesda. A global beta will be sometime in 2015. Beta sign up can be found here.

In addition to all of their announced games, Bethesda also discussed a new digital platform for gamers. will act as a hub that offers support and information for all of their games. 

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