Before We Leave Is Like Civilization Without The Nukes And Conflict

Before We Leave, a new 'non-violent city building game', launches on Steam today following an Epic Games Store launch last year.

Set in a 'cozy corner of the universe', players are tasked with growing and managing sources to build up their own settlements on a hexagonal grid, before spreading to other planets.

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Before We Leave Is Like Civilization Without The Nukes

Before We Leave is developed by Balancing Monkey Games and published by Team 17.

Players will build settlements for their race of 'Peeps', who have spent generations underground.

The art style has a nice toyetic vibe, too, like SimCity by way of the Link's Awakening remake.

Check out the trailer below:

You can find Before We Leave on Steam here.

Honestly, it sounds like a really chill time and I'm here for it.

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