Hell Let Loose: Release Date and Everything We Know

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World War 2 remains fertile ground for video games, but Hell Let Loose isn't here to sugarcoat things. It's a dirty, intense, and often harrowing title where explosions nearby put you in the thick of the world's largest conflict, and its battles play out between one-hundred players.

Check out everything we know about the game below, including when it'll hit consoles.


What Is Hell Let Loose?

Hell Let Loose is a first-person, WWII set, team-based shooter. Despite its roots as a Kickstarter success story, it's remarkably good-looking.

Its maps are built using reconnaissance images and satellite data, and players work to capture sectors that provide resources for a team.

It's also not for the faint of heart, attempting to capture the heroism and brutality of WWII in equal measure.

Release Date

The game is out now in Early Access, but at E3 the team confirmed that it'll hit version 1.0 on July 27th.


Studio founder Maximilian Rea said:

"Hell Let Loose began as the idea of a couple of hobbyist game developers all the way back in 2015. Following a successful Kickstarter, we launched into early access in the middle of 2019. Since then we've delivered nine enormous updates, including entire system overhauls, six new maps, tons of new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles, as well as expanding our unique real-time strategy-inspired metagame. As a result we've been fortunate to sell more than a million copies during our first year of early access. 2021 is only going to be bigger."

Version 1.0 Features

When the game leaves early access, its big 1.0 update will add Soviet forces to the playable factions, as well as Eastern front battlefields including Stalingrad.


Developer Black Matter Studio was set up to build the game, but it's being published by Team17.


Right now, the game is only available on PC through Steam, but console ports are slated for later in 2021.


When it does arrive, it'll be on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles.


Check out the following assets:



Trailer and Gameplay 

Check out the game's early access trailer below.