Armored Core 6 players can’t believe an overpowered weapon didn’t receive a Patch 1.02 nerf

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Some mechs in Armored Core 6.
Credit: FromSoftware.

While some have been more interested in modding its mechs into Elden Ring, Armored Core 6 has also given those who’d been eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into some action-packed robotic battles the chance to finally do just that.

Unsurprisingly, given the pre-release excitement about the prospect of building a cool or bizarre bot and trying to decimate your opponents, it hasn’t taken long for some players to start delivering some pretty emphatic beatdowns on the game’s toughest foes.

Arguably the most noteworthy changes made by the latest patch to hit Armored Core 6 will seemingly make taking on these foes a bit easier for mere mortals, but the current chatter among players is equally focused on one expected revision that this particular fix didn’t include.

Do you think Armored Core 6’s infamous Zimmerman shotgun will be nerfed soon?

In addition to paying their respects to Balteus after FromSoftware revealed it has “adjusted certain attacks” performed by it and the Sea Spider in Patch 1.02, players have also been busy dissecting the changes made to weapons.

While they've welcomed some buffs enacted to assault rifles like the Turner and the Scudder, the fact that the Zimmerman shotgun hasn’t been nerfed yet looks to have genuinely surprised players.

Over the past couple of weeks, knowledge of the shotgun being incredibly effective, especially when dual wielded, has become so widespread that players have made an avalanche of memes and fan art about it. Some have even created huge spreadsheets outlining the data behind its incredible performance in comparison to other guns.

While some players in the thread below have interpreted the Zimmerman remaining unchanged as a sign that FromSoftware is committed to achieving balance by boosting weaker items, rather than going straight to nerfing powerful ones, others think there’s a good chance the shotgun won’t stay as is for much longer.

Patch 1.02 also comes with the note “PvP oriented balance adjustments will be released at a future date,” which, given how popular a choice the Zimmerman has become in such duels, could well feature the changes to it players are anticipating.

"Rest in peace Zimmerman, you are a dead man walking now," declared user zeroerrorz, based on the line, adding: "Enjoy [the current version of the gun] while it lasts."

Regardless of whether you’re now trying out some different guns on your mech just in case you need to switch loadouts soon, make sure to follow us for guides to both Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, as soon as the latter arrives.

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