Apex Legends players want Warzone 2 anti-cheat features

Screenshot showing Apex Legends holding guns and Ghost from Warzone 2
Credit: Activision / Respawn Entertainment

Screenshot showing Apex Legends holding guns and Ghost from Warzone 2
Credit: Activision / Respawn Entertainment

Unfortunately, there are cases of cheating in all games and it’s incredibly difficult for developers to combat the problem once and for all. Throughout Season 16, Apex Legends players have called for improvements to existing anti-cheat measures but to no avail.

With the start of Season 17 on the way, many hope Respawn Entertainment can provide anti-cheat to stop them from ruining casual and ranked matches.

In April, Warzone 2’s anti-cheat received numerous improvements that include players turning invincible when encountering a cheater. Now, Apex Legends fans want those features in the battle royale to improve the situation.

Should Apex Legends anti-cheat copy Warzone 2?

Suggested by Reddit user pt_picasso, the player wants Respawn Entertainment to take inspiration from Ricochet and implement deterrents that render cheats useless against legitimate players.

“Just wanted to show what CoD is doing to their cheaters. How is it that the competition can do a better job at banning and humiliating cheaters while Apex lets them run rampant and ruin it for the rest of us?” questions the player.

Despite the current measures continuing to ban thousands of hackers on a regular basis, more needs to be done. Although Warzone 2 features some innovative techniques to stop hackers from gaining an advantage, there are still many that slip through the net.

Rather than taking away their weapons, one fan has thought of another way to stop repeat offenders. “People could get their ranks reset daily. We’d just see them on this sub confused and complaining of it.” A rank reset would also stop them from dropping into ranked matches due to the level requirement.

There’s every chance Respawn Entertainment has new anti-cheat measures in the works which would make all the difference for Apex fans looking for a level playing field.

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