Apex Legends Season 6: How To Get Caustic's New Heirloom

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It's less than a week until the Apex Legends 'Aftermarket' releases.

The limited-time event will bring a range of new cosmetics to the game.


On top of this, a new heirloom will be released for Caustic.

It's fair to say his heirloom matches his character as he'll be receiving a huge sledgehammer.

Let's check out how you get your hands on the new heirloom.

How To Get Caustic's New Heirloom

Caustic's sledgehammer is not an easy item to acquire.


Just like the other in-game heirlooms, it's intended to be a rare item for dedicated or lucky players.

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

There are two ways to get your hands on the new heirloom.


The first way is to collect all of the exclusive cosmetics available at the release of 'Aftermarket'.

There are 24 in total and collecting them all will reward you with Caustic's sledgehammer.

Another way of obtaining the sledgehammer is waiting until the 'Aftermarket' ends.

Caustic's heirloom will then be added into the regular pool of heirlooms.


This will mean the sledgehammer will become unlockable through heirloom shards.

Of course, with any in-game heirloom, there's a lot of luck involved.

However, that;'s part of the fun and why they're sort after.

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